Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jury Duty

I had to laugh this morning.  My husband was called in for his first ever jury duty.  He was up and atom this morning, way to excited.  Never have I see anyone so darn excited about jury duty.  It all started when I made him finally register to vote. the time he was 57 yrs old and had never voted.  I got tired of his commentary on the government and told him to shut up or put up...I called the county and had them mail him a ballet, he completed it and I mailed it.  

So, for the last two years, he has been grumbling that he was not being called in for jury duty.   Then this past November, he got his notice.  His face lite up and he was so darn funny.  Just like a child turned loose in a toy store.

Sunday he called in for the first time and was disappointed that his number was not called, then Monday the same thing but come Tuesday...well on the recorder was his number.  He came in and gave me a big High Five!!!! 

Back to this morning...worried about what to wear, how did he darn funny.   I am afraid he will come him disappointed if he is not selected for sitting on the jury.  I better have something yummy for him to make him feel better....LOL!!

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