Monday, July 1, 2013

Let's Celebrate Freedom Blog Hop

Let's Celebrate Freedom Blog Hop
For The Hens' Den
July 1st through July7th
All week long we will be celebrating the 4th of July.  I hope you see lots of fun ideas and techniques.  Remember to leave a comment on every blog and then on FB.  We will track them and on Sunday, July 7th, we will pick a winner.  I am the second to the last stop.  From here you will go to our Face Book page and leave your final comment.   We will pick at random from all the winners that follow the rules.
I did not have all the cool papers the other Design Team Members had.  I only had the stickers to work with and cardstock. So I made a mini album and used lots of inks, utee, distress paints, embossing many products.    Let's take a look...........


My flowers are from Petaloo.   I dipped them in hot clear UTEE and let them cool.  The results are really awesome. The front of the album design was used with a stencil from Wendy Veechi and her Studio 490 Line.  The paint if White Linen from Dylusions.

The stencil used on the left side is from the Dylusions Collection. Using White Linen Dylusions paint, I sprayed it on the red cardstock.  On the left is corrugate paper that I painted white using Picket Fence Distress paint.  The I used some of the other colors out of the Dylusions line and sprayed over the white.  Not real happy with the way it turned out but then, you learn as you go.
On the back side of the corrugated page, I covered it using Claudine Hellmuth Gesso because I did not want any of the color tobleed through to the other side.  I finished using Distress Paints from Tim Holzt line.
The page on the left was made by  Again I was messing around with a piece of canvas and wanted to see what different layers would do with each other. First, I used embossing paste to cover the canvas. Then  I used a blue distress paint and then to make the stars, I took white paint and using a stamp that was a small star, I stamped the image on the blue section. For the red sections, I used another distress paint, allowing the embossing paste to be the white stripes.   Honestly, I did not like the look and took some white Gesso, and tried to cover it up and the end result I loved!.  Messy background but I could still see my flag.  Then, using one of the Dylusions Stamps, I used embossing paste to create the images.  After letting it dry, I played with Distress Stains and love how the flowers turned out.  Using the same procedure, I made the image for "always remember" and took black paint and daubed a bit here and there and then smeared it.   It was fun playing with all the different mediums, not that I could reproduce the end result, but it was the fun of experimenting that mattered.
I tore card stock pieces to make the page on the left and then sprayed with Dylusions ink to give it that washed out look. I also played with some of Wendy Veechi stencils in the back ground.  The frame is from Ranger out of their Inkssentials line.  Using the melting pot, I heated up some UTEE and added Red, White and blue embossing powders.  Careful not to stir too much, I then poured the UTEE into the frame and let it cool.  Then I stamped using the word HOME onto the cooled embossing enamel.

Nothing special here, just messing around with different inks from the Dylusions collection.
The page on the left was time consuming but I love the end result.  After coloring my frame from Petaloo, I used embossing ink to cover all the ridges inside of the frame.  Next, I used blue embossing powder to cover the ink and tapped gently to get all of the excess off.  I heated the embossing powder until it was melted and allowed to cool off a bit.  Next, using an embossing ink pen, I carefully covered every other ridge and then applied the red embossing powder, heated/melted the powder and allowed it to cool.   Final step was using the embossing ink pen again, I covered all of the remaining ridges and applied white embossing powder and heated/melted it and allowed it to cool.  I glued on the frame and then added half pearl beads inside the frame work.  The flowers are from Petaloo and I dipped them in hot UTEE and gave them a glazed look.  Again, experimenting and having fun.
This are my final pages and I played with the back of the corrugated page using Gesso to seal the paper.  After is dried, I used embossing paste and stencils to make the flowers.  All the products used are in the store for your buying pleasure...hehehe.
I have to say that I am so glad this is NOT going to be a kit.  I could not remember everything I did and the instructions would be a nightmare to  This was for fun and I learned a lot. 
I plan on giving this to my Son who served in the United States Army for 8 years.  I am very proud of him and want him to have a piece of his history to pass down to his children. 
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Thank you for playing along.  Please come back and visit again.