Sunday, December 12, 2010

Coffee Filters made beautiful

OK, THE SUSPENSE IS OVER!!!   You can make this as simple as you want or dress it up as much as you want.  Coffee filters make an awesome wreath.  Add a do-dad and some!!!

I took an old red Christmas ball and sprayed Scotch Guard adhesive on it and dunked it in red glitter.  Way cool.

I did not make my wreath very fancy.  Kept them simple.   We went to the dollar store and bought party platters (silver one's, big) for a buck, cut the very center out so that you only had the rim left.  Punched a hole in the rim so that we had a way to hook on something for hanging them.  Then, while at the dollar store, bought 3 packets of coffee filters.  (I made two wreaths and went through 2.5 packets).  Then I took 2 filters at a time, separating them first then put them back together, lightly and fold them by running your hand up the length of them and then pinch the bottom a bit so they stayed together.   After I got a lot of them folded, I started gluing them around the very outer edge.(be sure to use the back side so that you have a "cup", if you will, to attache them too)  Then when you get the first row done, start gluing the second row "from the inside of the rim, where the plate use to be" and glue your filters in between the ones you have already glued on.  Make sure you keep them nice and tight together, that way you have a nice full look when your done.   Next, I used Scotch Guard spray on adhesive (way sticky) and then sprinkled lots of glitter all over (way messy) and then attached a simple bobble in the middle.  Done!!!

See, coffee filters can be used for something other than spent coffee grounds. LOL.   I saw this on Martha Stewart.  You may be able to go to her web site and see if they posted a video of this.  So very easy to make.


  1. ok, wow!!! They turned out great!!! By the way, have you been playing with your camera? The close up of the red ball is perfect! :)

  2. WOW!!! Those look amazing! You have so much more patience than me... :)

  3. They are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!