Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gingerbread Man

My sweet, lovable Mom sent me a home made gingerbread cookie that is 1+ft by 7+in.  

My dog, Chopper, got into my briefcase and managed to get to a gingerbread cookie that I have brought home and he ate it.  I was so darn upset.. I really wanted that   Ok, your asking how did he get into my briefcase...well.. it is one of those zip kind.  All you have to do is apply a little bit of pressure to the zipper and the entire thing opens up!.  He found pay dirt.

So, my Mom being the loving person she is, bought a very large baking pan in the shape of a gingerbread man and baked a "cookie" for me.  Here is the good part.. she shipped it to me and I got is today. Knowing it was Christmas, I took a peak in side and saw a white box and stopped.  Seeing that, I realized that my Mom did not warp it with Christmas wrap, but instead wrapped with brown shipping paper. ( HOLLY COW... was I wrong.)  I quickly place the present under the tree thinking I would open in the next day or two.  Christmas Eve vs Christmas day.

So, you ask what the point is... Well....we turned our backs for less then 10 minuets and one of our dogs tore the package apart, ate the head of the gingerbread man and in the process pulled out all the "stuffing".  " That consisted of kitchen towels, mittens and pads..

My sweet Mom was trying to replace a 3 in by 2 in cookie that "one of my dog's"  She thought a 1ft (+-) by 7 in(+-) in cookie would do the trick... Based on the dogs worked....lolololol.

I love my Mom so much.  She is always trying to surprise us!
( tastes really good!)


  1. I'm laughing so hard, dogs are so funny!!!!

  2. Hi, just read the "Gingrbread Story."
    The next thing I send will be made out of dog food; beware Glenn. If it does not have walnuts in it then you know it is not for Human comsumption!!!!
    Love You All, Mom
    (Not to sure about the dogs)