Sunday, August 21, 2011

Whew! Wow! Yippee!

This past month has been a wild ride.

I studied like crazy for two big test and passed them both. The stress and tension around this event has been see and felt by every one I am around.  The pure relief I felt once I saw "PASS" on both, well, it was un-measurable.  The new ground this will bring is going to be awesome.  Wait...I can tell more later this month.

Regarding my garden, I had struggled for months to get it to take hold. There has been just to much rain and a very late freeze (May) and I started my garden 3 times. Lately, we have had such nice weather and sun it is now gaining on me and if I do not stay up with it, it will take over fast. I can see lots of canning for the next 2 months.  Every weekend, in the kitchen, cleaning, cutting and waiting on the timer to tell me the canner is done.    We will benefit from this, this coming winter.  Lots of hard work but so worth it.

On another note, The Hens' Den has been doing to well.  They have had several events lately that have been so awesome, can not wait until they go to another one.   The Scrapbook Expo in Puyallup was a great success for them and that was on the heals of two horse shows they went too.   In November, they plan on being in Bellevue Wa for the Creating Keepsakes event.   I will be working that show as well.   It is so much fun and I get to meet so many wonderful people and vendors.  Please stop by and say Hi to all of us. We would love to meet you!!

Finally, I am going to be a Grandma again.  My Son and his beautiful wife, Melanie, are go to bless us with a Granddaughter this time.  I can not tell you how over the top "Happy" I am.  Her name is Autumn Grace.  I have found a new addiction...Baby Girl cloth shopping!!!.  Every time I am in a store now, my cart "pulls" me into the baby department and when I leave, my cart is full of goodies.  I have no idea how they all got in there, but I felt guilt and could not put them back, so I checked out and took them home.....lolololol.

I am now looking at scrap booking supplies in a whole new way.  Pinks, Pastels and frilly goodies.   I am so "in love"...  Now, do not take me wrong, I love my twin Grandsons (Logan and Ethan) and I buy them lots of things but buying girlie goodies...well, that is so darn much fun!!! 
As I think about it, it is only August.  She is due in early December and then there is Christmas!!!!!.... I will get my spending addiction well taken care of...lololololol.  (Bad Grandma)

That's it for now.   Stop by The Hens' Den and see what they have in the store and come see us in November in Bellevue Washington.

Have a great rest of August!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekend visit

We had so much fun this past weekend with our Grandson's.  They came to visit and WOW...they have grown so much.   I just wanted to hug and squeeze them the entire time. But that is not going to happen with 6 yr way.  That hugging thing is "yuckie"

We had a bonfire and roasted marshmellows, until they burned their sticks...oh well.  Play with firs, burn your stick, no more marshmellows....

So, they moved onto tearing off the bark from the fire wood and tossed it in the fire.  That kept them busy for an hour.  It is so interesting to watch and see what peaks their interests.  Pulling bark of wood would not be one of my "fun"

My Daughter-in-law had a baby shower (we are going to have a girl...YAHOO) and with all the gifts that she and the baby were getting, I was worried the boys would feel left out.  So, I bought them new back packs for school.  They will be in the first grade this year.  They wore those back packs the entire visit....I guess I did good....