Sunday, October 23, 2011

An ABC Primer Collection by Graphic 45

My twin Grandson's are my subjects for most of my pictures.  They are so darn cute and I love them to pieces.   I can not wait until their little sister is born, the trio will make for awesome pictures to come.

I found an old 4 window pane and it is the subject of my crafty-ness today. (like I am a pro...lmbo).   We had so much fun on this day.  We were out by the fire pit roasting marshmallow and the boys were busy pulling the bark off of the fire wood and tossing them into the fire.   Sparks flew and we hard lots of of "ohhh'ss and "wow".    We now have bark-less fire

In this project I play with Graphic 45's An ABC Primer Collection paper line.  I love the colors and the textures this line had to offer.  Of course, I am and HUGE fan of Graphic 45.  They have such awesome stuff!!!!

I mounted the "back" paper on the back side of the glass, then I mounted the actual pictures and embellishments on the front side of the glass.  It really give the project a 3D kind of appearance.   I love to work with these old windows. They are so really cool!!

Please let me know if you like this, I would love to hear form you.
Have a grand day!!!


  1. This is wonderful! I like the idea of using both sides of the glass!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. WHOOOOO HOOOOO this is awesome Charlie.......
    You know I love your windows......

  3. Gosh.. Thank you Carla. You are so sweet!

  4. Mine are still in the garage...LOL but.......I did get the new photos of the kids so maybe that will kick me into GEAR to get one of these done for my house.....

  5. These are so cute! What a great idea!