Sunday, September 4, 2011

Labor day visit

My Son and his wife (she is a cutie) are expecting their 3rd child in December, so I went shopping.. (like I need an excuse).   Drove over to Moses Lake  and delivered to them a crib, carset/carrier, high chair and a box plump full if little sweet girlie things!!!!....  A Girl!!!..  Autumn Grace.  Such a pretty name.   I can not wait to hold that precious, sweet baby in my arms.   I wonder if she will look like her brothers?..hummm... if she does, Daddy needs to have a stun gun for all the little boys in the

Logan and Ethan (twins) are now 61/2 years old and just entered the 1st grade.  We had so much fun playing and laughing and rough housing around.  Dad was none to happy with Grandma...heheheheh.   We took the boys and their dog, Sage, on a nice long walk.  I was ready for knap when we got done...well almost.  Their dog has more energy than the boys do, combined!!... Boys and their dog.. such a good thing.

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  1. What a couple of cuties........glad that you enjoyed your visit!