Monday, June 6, 2011

I feel

Living in Washington State, you have to take advantage of every sunny day there is.   So, this weekend was sunny for 2, count them, 2 days in a row.. WOW... I spent so much of the time bent over weeding and pruning and planting, I woke up this morning feeling like I had ages 10 years.  

It was all worth it, the yard is in awesome shape, plants have great color and bloom, so the only thing I am waiting on now is the garden to catch up with the time of year.   I wonder if I will be able to can my veggies this year or if we will run out of "summer" before I get the chance.

Over this past weekend, other things went very well and AWESOME...  We now have an additional desiger, Carla Oliveira.   We have followed her for a while and we just could not pass up the chance to offer her an opportunity to design for The Hens' Den.   SHE ACCEPTED!.   You really need to check out her blog and see the wonderful work that she does.   You will be amazed.  We are so lucky and honored.   Stop by her blog and leave her a note or two.

Have a grand day!!!!!

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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome. You yard looks awesome, its always nice to get that work done, but the time spent doing it can be hard on our bodies....LOL I did that last week and this past weekend and I was hurting after all the bending up and down. Does make you feel old............