Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Celebrating 60

I had so much fun planning my Husband's 60th birthday.   He is so intuitive, it can be darn hard to surprise him.   I am so happy and proud, I surprise the heck out of him.   It started with me handing him his suitcase (from behind him, he did not see me coming) and I told him he was "leaving".  The look on his face, priceless....I had to quickly get to the next punch line so he would not take me seriously.   I told him he has to pack certain cloths and be ready to leave by 1pm the next day..  I then have him a "honey do" list that would keep him busy the next morning, starting with dropping me off at work (a rare thing).  Dogs to the kennel (poor puppies) and then a trip to
Tacoma and back to pick me up at 1pm.

He kept asking me if we were "driving" to our destination and of course I said yes...lol (we were driving to the air port)   I waited until we got one exit from the airport exit before I told him he needed to take the airport exit.  The look of fear hit his face...lol.

Once at the airport, his sweat started coming on.  He HATES flying.  I did not tell him where we were going until it was necessary to go to our gate.  LAS VEGAS bound.  (he is not a gambler).  This set about a puzzled look on his face.  "Why are we going to Vegas?"....not telling, you will have to wait for it to unfold.

The first night there was HELL.  Check in was not fun, getting stuck in the elevator was not fun. (neither of us like small places, sweat sets in). Door to our room would not open unless you put your weight behind it and hit really hard...geezzzz... After cooling off from frustration, I hit the casino floor and went back to the room with a few extra dollars then I started with.  All is good, Glenn in a good mood.   Next...he is still asking why we were there.   I still have not told him the real reason...hehehehehe.

The next day was spent walking the strip in 95 degree heat (ugh), a nice show, Criss Angle and back to the room.  Saturday Morning, I got him up, told him he needed to be down stairs at Valet at 8 am..'WHY SO EARLY"...LOL... You have a ride to take!.  Where?  Not telling, you have to wait and see.   More laughter on my part...lol.  30 mins later, he is at the Las Vegas Speedway..."there are no races here this weekend, why are we here?"....Just wait and see, I say (laughing).  We get around to the very inside of the track where the pits are and his mouth flops open. "WHAT?"  He saw the sign "Exotic Racing"...dummy me.. I did not have my camera on.   The look was priceless.

Yes, Dear, you get to race a Ferrari around the track.  Priceless!!  When he was done, all he could say was "WOW" for the next half hour.

Happy 60th Honey...Kiss Kiss

 Drooling over the cars

 I can not believe I am here

 Time to get ready

 Breathing deeply


10 laps later....that grin never left his face for the remainder of the day.


  1. AH M A Z I N G!!!! Your such a great wife!! What a trip!! You could feel the excitement in those photo's!! Way to go!!

  2. How fun!! You are the best wife EVER!