Monday, February 14, 2011

Young Grasshopper

It is so amazing what a simple thing like a grasshopper does to a child's attention.  Every time Ethan and Logan visit, they are chasing grasshoppers.  I would love to say that I was smart enough to have a camera ready, but for this picture, a big Thank You goes to their Mom and Dad.   I love the focus that my Grandson (Ethan) has in this picture.  So intrigued!.  You should see them with

I used Imaginise paper line called Apple Cider, Changing Leaves and Cinnamon Sticks.   I layerd the pages over each other.  The flower is made from some miscellaneous paper flower I have.  I glued them together and placed a jewel in the center.  Then I layered it over some feathers I have and placed them all on a piece of burlap.  I love the texture.

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  1. Charlie........Love that texture! Great Layout too! (photo corners!HA! *Wink!!)