Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I am so bummed

I have a thumb drive that I have held onto for several years now and took it into Office Depot to see if they could access it and retrieve the photos that were stored on it.   YES!!!!!!... After all this time, someone knew how to get the little bugger to open up it's hidden treasures.  You see... the thumb drive was not operating right and I was never able to access all the files and photos.  While at Office Depot, a rep form HP was there and bing bang bong... he had all the data transferred over to a new and operable thumb drive.

I rush home so darn happy.  See... I have twin Grandson's and on that thumb drive were all the pictures had been taking since they were born.  4 years worth of photo's (they are almost 6 now and I have been storing those on a different drive).  4 Years is a whole lot of photos of twins....trust me... I took lots.  I put that new, fully loaded thumb drive into the USB port and opened up all the files.  Happy Day!!!!!     WRONG!

There were NO pictures....I do not understand.  I am so sad and bummed out and disappointed.  I just knew that they were all on that darn thing.  I held onto that bad thumb drive for 2 years hoping that at some point I would be able to access it and all for not.  It is now in the garbage.  Pictures gone, no longer available.. poof!  Memories all gone.

I feel like if I keep writing about it, it would make the ache go away.. but no.  I have to let go now, move on with what photos I have now.......

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  1. Hold onto both, Charlie. Usually these little drives have guess what? Drivers and opening programs that have to run for you to access them sometimes.